About Us

Kaizen Co-operative Limited - a social enterprise of The SMMWU with AUPEGS, STU and UTES as its institutional members - was formed to uplift the capabilities of its leaders, members and human resource (HR) partners.

Kaizen Corp Identity

Social Mission

To uplift the technical know-how and skills of union leaders in the area of compensation management that will enhance the quality of negotiation with management partners leading to professional industrial relations; empowering these union leaders with the skills to better serve their union members. The know-how and skills acquired can also be a platform for union leaders - as well as union members - to elevate their careers.

Heighten the level of industrial relations (IR) engagement by human resource practitioners through bridging the concepts of HR management and IR management in affordable, structured modular courses. Also to provide a more economical access to job evaluation, job pricing and salary benchmarking services through an online platform and/or personalised service.

Kaizen Corp Identity

Common Good Fund

Kaizen Co-operative will have a provision for a Common Good Fund; the proceeds from this enterprise would go towards supporting the educational, welfare and social programmes of the SMMWU and the institutional members of the co-operative, for the benefit of the union members under their charge.